RomeoMe! Do Nothing. Be Loved.

RomeoMe!  Do Nothing.  Be Loved.

Never Miss Another Special Day!

Online Flower Deliveries

We are SO EXCITED to announce our partnership with  Romeo is a website that ensures that you will never miss another special day.  Buying flowers online in Canada vs going to a store is really a time saver.  But for those extra busy, or extra forgetful folks out there, will remember to send out flowers for you in Niagara and all across the Country!  You will literally, as they say, never miss another special day!  The best thing is that never raises its prices over holidays, so you get the everyday rate during all seasons! Perfect for the person who needs cheap flowers delivered on those vital holidays but doesn’t want to pay mark up prices!  Hey, Romeo gets it.  You need help because last year you forgot your Anniversary….Do not fret, friend. 

But there is more to this than just that.  RomeMe is a romantic coach or concierge of sorts. This really manifests itself in their deluxe package.  Check out how it works: 

  • Go to and select either the Standard or Deluxe package for floral delivery in Niagara or anywhere in Canada you may be.  Flower senders have the option of sending either red/white roses, or a designers choice bouquet which will be creative and fun!
  • The Standard Package allows for 3 floral deliveries (clients often choose Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day). 
  • The Deluxe Package gets you those “Big 3” deliveries, but here is the hook.  Here is how you become hero of your domain:  the remaining 3 deliveries will be sent out, by Romeo, on random dates to your loved one with a card that says “Just Because..”.  Senders get heads up via email when these Just Because deliveries go out so that you can be prepared for your heroes welcome upon going home at the end of your long day! 

The website offers bulk payment option, so not only do you not have to worry about ordering throughout the year, but you don’t have to worry about paying either.  There is also the option to call their customer service (or head over to The Flower House at 3525 Portage Road in Niagara Falls) and get put on a plan that bills you only once the orders go out the door!  It is so simple.  You don’t have to be a man to enjoy this service.  If you are a business owner, or a person who loves to send flowers to loved ones, this site will retain the delivery schedule that you set out and get the flowers there in rain, sleet, or snow!  Click to register or call 888-402-8555 and an agent will be happy to do it for you!